How to Watch talk

Measure your wrist size

There are different ways to measure your wrist size. But by far the best and easiest to do is to use an old-fashioned tailor’s measuring tape (highlighted in the middle on the below picture).


To measure your wrist. Simply wrap it around your wrist where you’d normally wear your watch. Don’t measure too tight. That’s it!

This reads to be a 15cm wrist

If you don’t have a tailor’s measuring tape handy, there’s a good alternative and a bad alternative..

Do not use the modern tape measure (pictured on the left). These won’t wrap around your wrist comfortably and the reading will be inaccurate at best. Do use a string and a ruler (pictured on the right), the old fashioned way. Simply wrap the string around your wrist as you would the tailor’s tape measure and then afterwards measure it using a ruler to see the exact length. All done!

If you can’t provide the exact measures (for example if the strap is a surprise gift), then let us know and we’ll see how we can help get the measurements.

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