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VIDEO: Why You Shouldn’t Blindly Trust Luxury Watch Reviews
ChatGPT by OpenAI Tells Us Why

We had a chat with the internet’s current favorite AI-powered chatbot: ChatGPT by OpenAI. ChatGPT uses advanced machine-learning techniques to generate human-like text allowing for more natural and accurate communication. Its knowledge seems to have no boundaries. At the time of this writing, it is considered the greatest Artificial Intelligence chatbot ever released to the general public. We asked ChatGPT to tell us if we should blindly trust today’s watch journalists and YouTubers. 

To spice things up, the voices and avatars are also entirely computer-generated. We live in interesting times do we not?


  1. Interesting, in past few days I have also been experimenting with ChatGPT and was astonished by its performance and ease of use. Having those avatars proclaiming the answers takes the experience to an even higher level….

    1. Very interesting for sure! Try also Midjourney.. a few of these new tools (despite still being in their very early stages) combined can basically replace quite a lot of marketing agency jobs for example.. Wild times ahead

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