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Hands-On: NOMOS Club Sport Neomatik Now In 37mm! (Live Pics)
Club Sport Neomatik Polar And Club Sport Neomatik Petrol

NOMOS hosted their 3rd Forum in Glashütte, we were there and they introduced us to their latest novelties. A couple of new watches have been released, however the one that stood out the most to me was this NOMOS Club Sport Neomatik. The NOMOS Club Sport Neomatik is now available in a perfect 37mm size. It is no secret that we love NOMOS here at DE GRIFF, and it is also no secret that I’d personally rather have a smaller watch than an oversized one. The existing Club Sport was already an excellent choice for many, and this new size just opened the doors for many more wrists to join the fun.

NOMOS Glashütte is expanding its Club series with two sporty models with a link bracelet and moderate diameter, and in new colors: Petrol (sunburst green) and Polar (sunburst blue). To my eye, the green pops the most under indoor lighting, whereas the blue really starts dancing when it gets a touch of daylight.

The hardest choice with this watch is not so much if you should get one, but rather which one you should get. For what it’s worth, nearly all pictures in this hands-on have been taken in a non-studio environment, outdoors, and in broad daylight.

As some of you will know, the Club Sport model is already available in blue and black, each with a 42-millimeter diameter. The big news for the two new watches is that they measure 37 millimeters, which according to NOMOS is “perfect for many wrists, both male and female”. An excellent decision and proof that NOMOS as a brand does indeed listen to the community feedback.

The NOMOS Club is essentially the sportiest of the NOMOS watch families, and these new models are water-resistant up to 20 atm. They come on a very nice steel bracelet equipped with a deployant clasp, making them the perfect watches for sports by and in the water—and more. In fact, I would say that this makes the rare cut for the perfect “only” watch, more on that below.

When talking NOMOS, it is always important to take into account all case dimensions. They do indeed tend to have longer lugs and just wear different when compared to most other watches. The NOMOS Club Sport Neomatik has a 37mm diameter, yet the lug to lug comes in at 47.7mm which is larger than one could perhaps expect. The lug width is 18mm here. Thanks to the in-house DUW 3001 neomatik caliberCaliber The caliber ('movement') is the heart and engine of a watch. It consists of a number of interconnected components that work together. Energy is transmitted through the gear train, to the escapement mechanism. The escapement mechanism releases this energy in a controlled manner. This drives the gear train, which ultimately rotates the hands of the watch and keeps time. [More Info] being so thin, the overall watch is just 8.3mm high. This will slide easily under any cuff. To my eye, the proportions are on point.

The bracelet and clasp add to the overall sporty look. The Sport bracelet of the Club Sport Neomatik Petrol and Polar has polished (center) and satin stainless steel links and wears very nicely on the wrist. It felt solid on the wrist as did the folding clasp. The bracelet nicely flows with the case, with very little ‘play’ against the case, which is a sign of quality in my book. A nice touch is that the bracelet features quick-release spring bars, so swapping the bracelet for something else is as easy pie.

NOMOS absolutely nailed the sizing here, and I am fully expecting this watch to become a best seller for NOMOS. I also suspect it will outsell its larger sibling by a very large margin. This Club Sport is the result of several iterations of not only the Club Sport but of course also of all the other Club releases we have seen to date. The same can be said for the bracelet. To me, it seems that with this Club Sport Neomatik in 37mm NOMOS has landed on something special.

This is a great choice as a first watch, a great choice as an only watch, and it can basically go anywhere and do anything. I have no doubt that this will also look fantastic on a wide range of leather straps, upping the versatility and wearability of the watch even more.

With an in-house movement, excellent construction, and specs like these, the Club Sport 37 is also a very worthy alternative to people interested in something like a Rolex Oyster Perpetual or an Omega Aqua Terra for example.

You can check out details and pricing at NOMOS right here.


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