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Interview: 20 Minutes With Thierry Stern From Patek Philippe

Thierry Stern, CEO of Patek Philippe, has recently given an interview with Le Point that sheds light on a few hot topics in the industry. Mr Stern talks about brand independence, the latest releases, haute horlogerie, killing the stainless steel Nautilus, and also takes a moment to talk smart watches. Don’t worry, Patek is not planning on releasing a digital watch anytime soon.

Spoiler alert: Mr Stern confirms that this is indeed the last year for the stainless steel 5711. He further confirms that they will not stop production of the Nautilus watches, but indeed seek to eliminate the ‘affordable’ stainless steel model. The decision to eliminate Patek’s hottest selling steel watch is what Stern calls his ‘bravest decision’ to date. He also hints that there will be ‘something else’.

To read the full interview with Le Point – read it here in French. For those of you that either master the French language, or have access to Google Translate, it is a fun read and worth a closer look!

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