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Shop News: Fusion Series Update

The Fusion collection, found in our Artisan Series in the shop, has received an update of rather cosmic proportions. As you might know, the Fusion strap collection stands for a blend of materials and colors fused together resulting in a unique and hard wearing strap. This is now the second iteration of the Fusion strap, as we have further tweaked the strap construction and material selection for increased durability. We have also added a new bunch of colors and also color options to the shop.

Fusion Contrast Green

Due to the way these are constructed, the construction of a Fusion strap takes twice as long as the construction of a Classic strap. That ought to tell you something.

Fusion Brown

The base layer is a fantastic bark tanned calfskin, tanned in Italy. Fused on this base layer you will find a special blend of cotton, canvas and nylon. The canvas edge will gently fray and age along with the leather. The special blend is made to resist tearing. Due to the weave of the material, one thread coming loose will not undo the entire canvas blend so no worries there.

Fusion Black

We cut these slightly oversized, so that once the canvas and leather loosens up a bit you still have a snug fit between the springbars.

In addition we have also added two contrast leathers to the Fusion collection. They blend two colors of leather but also two distinct types of leather.

For more details and a much closer look at the Fusion collection, you know where to go…

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