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Shop News: DE GRIFF Watch Pouches – Bracelet Edition

As you might know, we already have a nice variety of Watch Pouches in the shop which are aimed specifically towards watches on straps. They hold them nice and tight and fit like a glove for those watches. However, we obviously had to follow those up with pouches specifically targeting watches on… bracelets!

This new range of short and stubby watch pouches holds your watch nice and snug while the material used also adds substantial cushioning. For added protection, there is a nice and sturdy back protector added to each pouch to avoid that your watch bracelet sits directly against the case-back of your watch. These Watch Pouches will also hold watches on straps that don’t fold entirely flat, like for example the Reverso pictured below.

The construction is similar to that of our pouches designed for watches ons traps, but indeed as the naming suggests these pouches are shorter. In addition they have an expanding design, which allows them to accommodate watches on bracelets. The pouches have been released in a variety of colors and executions, they are stocked and ready to ship.

Thanks to our ingenious and unique closure design there are multiple ways to close the pouch depending on your needs. Check the shop for all the details:

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