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Shop News: The Gallia Watch Strap Collection
Expanding The Classic Series

Many moons ago, the ancient Romans described a large region of Western Europe as Gallia. Home to a diverse set of Celtic tribes. Gallia roughly covered present day Belgium, France, Luxembourg, considerable parts of Switzerland, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. But what does any of this have to do with our new Gallia Watch Strap Collection?

I’m glad you asked. Our new Gallia Watch Strap essentially comes to exist thanks to the craftspeople that are hard at work within the borders of this ancient region. With the calves roaming the Alps, the calfskin tanned in the region and then further handcrafted into watch straps in our atelier in Belgium.

The Gallia Watch Strap collection joins our ever expanding ‘Classic Series’ of watch straps. This means they feature a more eleborate stitch pattern for that classic look. For the launch series we gave them a nice classic taper as well, which truly completes the look.

The leather is double tanned calfskin that is, arguably, second to none. The structure that you see is in fact not the natural grain of the leather but has been heat embossed. This is not done purely because of the distinct look it creates. This process also makes the leather much more resistant to scratches and staining. This is a feature many will appreciate for their classic straps. Note that, similar to all straps in the Classic Series we line the Gallia straps with our usual soft hypoallergenic calf leather for maximum comfort on the wrist.

Our Gallia strap collection stands for an excellent and long-lasting watch strap, that will suit a variety of wrists and watches. The Gallia strap is part of our Classic Series so it implies a nice stitch around the border. Look closer and you’ll see additional hand-finish with the decorative line on the side. This often forgotten decoration offers no functional value, but it sure does look good. Another ‘haute’ detail -perhaps known only by the true strap connoisseur – is the slanted stitching.

While we have established a good supply for the raw materials, these are not available in large batches to us so we just grab the colors as and when they are available. When you see a particular color as sold out, rest assured we are working in the background to get it back in stock. The Gallia Watch Strap is now a mainstay in our collection, and you can expect this collection to expand over the coming months.

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