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Shop News: Leather Camouflage NATO straps
Handmade in Belgium

New in the shop, a lovely new pair of NATO straps. Made from top grade calfskin, bark tanned in Italy and of course handcrafted into watch straps in our atelier in Belgium.

The camouflage pattern on these straps is entirely random, each strap is entirely unique as a result. There are two variations, the Woodlands camo pattern and the Stealth camo pattern.

The Woodlands camouflage pattern is undeniable, with its earthy tones varying from a warm tan all the way to a stealthy black.

The Stealth camouflage pattern is quite apparent from up close, yet much less visible from a distance (hence the ‘stealth’ naming of this pattern). In addition, the leather is slightly textured providing further visual intrigue.

These are full fledged NATO straps, meaning they feature stainless steel hardware & the extra flap for added security & comfort. Once the leather is broken in, it’ll shape right to your watch and wrist.

If you’re looking to grab both of these, you might want to directly head to the shop and grab the DUO set which contains one Woodlands Camo NATO strap and one Stealth Camo NATO strap.

More info in the shop:

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