Shop News: Update From The Atelier & Lockdown Impact

Dear all,

Firstly, we are well and we hope the same for you, your friends and family! Due to the harder hitting ‘second wave’ Belgium has gone into another lockdown. Following a lot of email exchanges, we felt an update here could be useful.

Many of you have noticed, quite a bit of goods are sold out at this stage. Will they come back? The answer is absolutely yes. We simply are having difficulty with the re-supply of materials right now, and that is impacting which leather goods we can or can not make. This is a temporary issue, rest assured.

On the manufacturing side, we were ahead of schedule for most of the pandemic. Today, we are slightly behind schedule. Some of you have emailed us already stating to take our time and that you are not in a hurry. We explicitly want to thank you for that. You’re fantastic. However, we are working to get everyone back on schedule still this week. It is just a matter of catching up a few days and by doing so, we will be ‘ahead of schedule’ once again in one clean sweep.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,

Jan & Co

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