News: Titan Watches and State Bank of India Launch India’s First Contactless Payment Watches

India has a population of approximately 1.3 Billion and is the second-most populous country. As such it is a very valuable market for any (watch) brand. If there is one watch brand that stands out the most in India, I would say it is Titan. A brand that is much less known in other parts of the world, Titan is a lifestyle brand that forms part of the powerful Tata Group. Titan watches and watches of its sister brands are pretty much everywhere in India.

Now, Titan is set to take it up another notch as it has just teamed up with India’s largest bank in creating and launching contactless payment watches. A move that will surely bring tears to the eyes of some watch executives who have been trying to do the same for a while now (think SwatchPAY for example).

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