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Release: GO Senator Cosmopolite In Midnight Blue
GMT with a twist

The world of GMTGMT A GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) complication is a feature found in some watches that allows the wearer to track two time zones simultaneously. It typically includes a 24-hour hand and a bezel or a second hour hand that can be adjusted independently of the main hour hand to track the time in a different time zone. [Learn More] watches is a complicated one. How a watchmaker decides to display the multiple timezones on the watch or bezel is entirely up to them. As a result, there are a lot of varieties of this particular complication and all with a different take on the genre. At GO the Senator Cosmopolite has its own unique little way of tackling this challenge. The tried and tested GMT is now available in a high contract midnight blue execution.

The high contrasting dial, indices and sword hands work very well. In a watch that has this much information on display, it is easy to get a cluttered or illegible dial. GO has managed to avoid that and instead presents a classic, yet legible, dial layout.

The manufactory’s automatic Calibre 89-02 movement with 72-hour power reserveRéserve de marche Also known as Power Reserve. A watch's power reserve refers to the amount of time a mechanical watch can run without being wound. The power reserve of a mechanical watch can vary depending on the size of the mainspring, the efficiency of the gear train, and the rate at which the mainspring releases energy. If a watch has a Power Reserve 'complication' it simply means that the status of the power reserve can be seen on the watch itself (either on the dial or movement side of the watch). [Learn More] makes it possible to display the time of day in two time zones at once. A time zone ring offers a choice of all 35 world timeWorld Time Complication A world timer is a complication that displays the time in multiple time zones simultaneously. It typically includes a rotating bezel or a dial with city names or time zones printed on it and a 24-hour hand or a subdial that can be adjusted to indicate the time in a different time zone. The user can rotate the bezel or use the crown to align the city or time zone they want to read with the current time on the watch's main dial, it allows the user to know the time in different time zones at a glance. Some world timers have a day/night indicator which helps to know if the time shown is during the day or night at the selected time zone. [Learn More] zones currently in use, each of them displayed using an official IATA location code representing an international airport in the relevant time zone. The 24 time zones that are offset from Greenwich Mean Time by a full hour are represented by an IATA code in

Further eight time zones with half-hour offsets and the three time zones with three-quarter hour offsets are indicated by an IATA code in light blue. The two windows at 8 o’clock allow the wearer to set summer time (Daylight Saving Time – DST) and standard time (Standard Time –
STD), and day/night indicators for both home and destination (local time) can be read at a glance.

On the new blue dial, the central hour and minute hands indicate the local time, while the
home time is displayed on the auxiliary dial at 12 o’clock. The helpful day/night indicator and
integrated power reserve display can also be found here. The small second at 6 o’clock, the
day/night indicator for the local time at 9 o’clock and the signature Glashütte Original Panorama
Date at 4 o’clock complete the well thought-out design of the Senator Cosmopolite.

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