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Shop News: New Apocalypse Black

A black strap is – and will always be – a mainstay in any strap collection. The Original Series has a lovely clean Portofino Coal Black and our Classic Series has our best-selling Aged black for example. But there’s room for more. We’re proudly introducing the new Apocalypse Black – to be found in the Original Series.

A black strap unlike any other. Made from calfskin, tanned in Italy. We subject the leather to numerous steps in our atelier in order to transform it in this unique black, not quite suede, not quite smooth either. Closest relatives in the Original series would be the Distressed Forrest Green and Stonewash Grey Suede.

The finishing on this strap is unique however as you can judge from the pictures. The ‘hairs’ are kept very short, the leather is also treated in a very different way resulting in this unique finish.

The leather is bark tanned, no use of heavy metals in the tanning process, and we also only use natural products to further treat and finish the strap. As a result this strap will age, it will change, it will evolve and develop its very own characteristics purely based on how and when you wear the strap.

To finish off the design, we opted for the horizontal tone on tone stitch, it almost disappears in the material and makes for that perfect finishing touch to the strap. As for all our leather straps, the stitching is done entirely by hand.

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Lovely strap and watch too! When and where did you find it?

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