What To Watch During Quarantine?
We've got you covered.

Quarantine means many of us are now stuck at home, on the couch. It is a skill I have honed for many years and can say I downright master by now. Anyone just starting the staying at home or couch-game, welcome to the party.

One key element to making it through Quarantine with a sane mind, is an abundance of distraction. It is crucial indeed. To help you with that part, below we link to a few of our must watch videos.

First, once you’re nicely settled in the couch, I would propose to join in with the most enthusiastic man in the watch industry, Mister Jean-Claude Biver. This will boost anyone’s morale and more importantly, it is a highly entertaining and open talk (two part series). Positive vibes only.

Next, join in with our Explorer video. Hate or Love Rolex, it doesn’t matter, there are waterfalls in this movie and that’s enough.

Now, if you’re wondering which watch to wear during the coronapocalypse or the ensuing Zomie Apocalypse, look no further and check out the recent Seiko Prospex Review.

Then, if you are wondering why GREY MARKET prices are TANKING right now, just have a look at our illustrated guide to the Watch Grey Market.

Finally, if you’re still here why not have a look at a rare GRIFF TALKS video where GRIFF himself shows you how to spot a fake Rolex?

Cheers all, there are worse things in life than being grounded in the safety and comfort of your own home!

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