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Shop News: Business As Usual – More or Less
We're cancelling the Coronapocalypse

Dear all,

We decided to send out this message following a few emails and messages received the past few days concerning the Covid19 madness engulfing the planet right now.

The team is working as per usual and everyone is ‘as healthy as’ before the Coronavirus crisis started. However, as the pandemic obviously doesn’t care about borders, Belgium is also affected. Belgium has been without a federal government for the past 450 days and counting. As a result, coordination within the country on how to best deal with the crisis has been – at best – lacking.

Despite the fact that we still have 9 (yes nine) Health Ministers spread across the other governments, the response has been amateurish at best. Last night, the government has finally decided that perhaps they should do something since we have been paying their salaries for the past 450 days anyway. Might as well do some work then I guess. Last night the government has implemented some rather drastic measures, aiming to slow the spread of the virus.

Now, why am I writing this here. It is simply to clarify that for the time being, all is absolutely and perfectly fine here. Thank you very much for your concern, it is greatly appreciated. As far as the shop is concerned, the only change that we have adopted as of this week is that we will not be doing daily shipments for the time being. We will be shipping out in weekly batches instead. That’s just about it.

The atelier is functioning as per usual, the tanneries we work with are also up and running and we have plenty of stock of hardware so there is no disruption at any stage in the supply chain.

Warm regards,

Jan & Co


  1. Merci! The only thing we can do is to rock’n roll (and wash our hands)! 🙂
    Stay safe in France

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