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Shop News: Introducing The Fusion Series

After a lot of experimenting and testing various configurations, we’re excited to reveal our latest addition to the shop. The Fusion Series.

The Fusion series is very different from anything else in our shop. The Fusion series, as the name suggests, offers a blend of materials fused together resulting in a unique and hard wearing strap.

The base layer is a fantastic calfskin, tanned in Italy. No heavy metals are used in the tanning process. Fused on this base layer you will find a special blend of cotton, canvas and nylon. Currently we offer two color executions, more are sure to follow. 

True to our DNA, this strap is specifically thought through to allow for a nice patina to form over time.  The leather (which we pre-patina for you to give you a head start) will darken over time. The canvas edge will ever so gently fray and age along with the leather, creating a very unique look. The special blend of material is made to resist tearing. Thanks to the weave of the material, one thread coming loose will not undo the entire canvas blend so no worries there.

Each strap goes through a bunch of time consuming steps, they sure are worth the extra time and effort though.

Available as of today in the shop!


  1. Order the fusion duo!! Looking forward to them and future iterations, looks absolutely unique guys!! 😀

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