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Thoughts: Top 3 Perfect Couple Watches

A long time ago, when there were no iPods nor iPhones and I still had to play my music on cassette tapes I recall my dad bringing home two gift boxes for a special occasion. In these boxes, were two nearly identical watches, one slightly larger than the other, one for him and one for her, this was my first introduction to Couple Watches.

Decades later, a thoughtful reader emailed me asking for a recommendation for the perfect set of couple watches. We’re not talking Unisex watches here, but literally that refreshingly oldschool set of Couple Watches. One distinctly for him and one distinctly for her. This had me thinking for a while, as there are so many possibilities. In this write-up I suggest the top three that came to my mind at the time of this writing.


The most obvious one to me would be the very easily paired Rolex Oyster Perpetual or Datejust. These are hyper timeless, easily available new and most importantly they come in various shapes and sizes. These are a very easy choice when looking for a nice set of Couple Watches.

A slightly different approach could also be to pick for example an old 114270 Explorer and a new 214270 Explorer, nearly identical except that one is 36mm and the other 39mm. But that would be a bit off topic here since we are looking at watches you can buy new in the store today.

The downside of the Rolex route of course is that if you have to buy two at the same time, it can be a costly endeavor. So what else is there?


Another timeless classic, would be the JLC Reverso. Available in a wide range of sizes and executions, the Reverso can be a perfect choice for getting two matching – yet slightly different – watches.

Reverso’s are iconic and beautiful works of horological art sure to last a lifetime.


And that brings me to a completely different brand, I’m talking about NOMOS. These are high quality, high value and timeless watches that will last a lifetime (and then some) which thankfully are still more or less affordable enough (not cheap by any means) to be able to buy two at the same time for a special occasion.

What makes NOMOS stand out for the go to brand from my perspective for a fine set of Couple watches is that they offer a wide range of sizes and prices within their families of watches. Earlier this year we had the pleasure to go hands-on with their smaller sized DUO releases which further added to the nearly endless possibilities of getting the perfect set of of couple watches.

At Nomos nearly their entire catalogue can be found in slightly different executions and sizes, making it my number one pick for a brand to look at when searching your set of Couple Watches for that next big occasion (or major apology…) 😉

Let me know in the comments if you have more suggestions!

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