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News: July Swiss Exports Show Strong Results

Well – color me surprised. Looks like the Swiss Watch Exports are back in full swing, with even Hong Kong (someone please explain this to me) not showing terrible performace despite what’s been going on over there.

Let’s see what the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry has to say about this:

Overall the numbers are positive with that one problem child – Europe – still causing a bit of a headache. “The United Kingdom (-0.4%), France (-12.0%) and Germany (-3.6%) all declined. While Italy’s monthly performance improved (+1.9%), the medium-term trend there still showed a marked decline.”

Main hero of the month are the watches made of … precious metals!

What continues to paint a pretty clear picture that the watch industry is changing quite dramatically is that the ONLY category to perform is the above 3000 CHF category.

Everyone else – especially sub 200 CHF export price – is pretty much a lost cause at this point.

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