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Shop News: Sold Out And What’s Next

Dear all,

Another shop update here as we are getting a few emails on this topic nearly every day, best to address it right here for everyone to read along.

Yes, a lot has sold out, thank you very much for being great customers. Fear not however, we are replenishing everything as per usual and all your favorite options will pop back online soon. With every passing month now we are experiencing a demand that far outpaces our ability to supply. Keep in mind we make everything by hand, and we are not about to change that, and we can only run so fast. We know you wouldn’t want us to cut any corners, and we promise we won’t.

With a lot of items sold out, our bespoke order book is currently also at near max capacity, we are aiming to bring that down to a normal level over the next week or two. In addition, we have a few pending orders still (see previous shop update) with a bunch of fantastic people who have been waiting patiently for a long time now for a specific few strap models (most specifically the Bund straps). We are currently finalizing those orders and shipping them out with a few extras.

In addition, we are changing the way we update the shop in a more modern and agile fashion. Instead of rolling out big updates every quarter or so, we’ll do smaller updates on a more frequent basis. I would certainly invite you to check the shop regularly as we will be updating the status of the items on an individual level. That is also a great opportunity to read up on our articles that we publish here every day 😉

Finally, despite the weather in Europe not necessarily agreeing – for a lot of us it is spring right now and we’re moving towards the Summer very fast. We’ll be adding a few new seasonal items in the shop early June, expect more news on that soon!

Thank you very much!


Jan & Co


  1. Great to read you are getting the attention you deserve guys! Please do not rush my order, I can absolutely wait as you know so feel free to serve other people first.

    Wishing you all the best,

  2. Glad to see your integrity and honesty is paying off. Much deserved. Of course – please send me my order ASAP!! 🤪 (just kidding, please take your time)

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