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Release: Glashütte Original SeaQ, SeaQ 1969 and SeaQ Panorama Date

Swatch Group recently held its ‘Time to Move’ event, their answer to what a watch fair should be since they no longer attend Baselworld. For one, it seems to mean a fair where we are not invited so instead we have to browse through an avalanche of press releases. No fun but c’est la vie.

One particular release that stands out, in a great way, is this diver from Glashuette Original. GO’s answer to what a vintage inspired diver should look like. The SeaQ by Glashütte Original is available in two versions: as the SeaQ in both a limited and an unlimited version, and as the SeaQ Panorama Date with black or blue dial. 


The black dial of the unlimited version of the SeaQ presents Arabic numerals, indexes and hands accentuated with the historic “Old Radium” hue. Not just a diver in name, it is water resistant up to 20 bar, which corresponds to approximately 200 metres. The DIN and ISO tested diver’s watch meets the most stringent German and international quality standards in terms of water resistance, legibility, shock resistance, resistance to salt water and many other criteria.

This version also features an engraved and aligned base plate, which shows, along with the trident with the Double-G and the 20 waves, the continuous case number.

The SeaQ is powered by the manufactory’s automatic movement Calibre 39-11 with heavy metal oscillating mass. It beats in a stainless steel case, 39.5 millimetres in diameter, and features a running time of 40 hours, a stop-second mechanism and a date display at 3 o’clock.

SeaQ Panorama Date

The second model, the SeaQ Panorama Date, is water resistant up to 30 bar, approximately 300 meters, and perfectly suitable for even professional divers. 

The characteristic big date, a typical feature of Glashütte Original, gives this slightly larger version its name and is harmoniously positioned at 4 o’clock. The dial – optionally either black or blue with a sunray finish – presents the hands, applied Arabic numerals and indexes in green or white, respectively. 

With the SeaQ Panorama Date, the Glashütte watchmakers have successfully adapted the award-winning Calibre 36 to meet the considerable challenges of timekeeping underwater. In the 36-13 version it beats within a 43.2 mm stainless steel case and is optimally configured, as always, with regard to the four principles: precision, stability, running time and aesthetics. The bayonet mounting ensures that the movement is anchored in the case for particularly effective shock-resistance. It features a remarkable 100-hour running time while the silicon balance springHairspring The hairspring is a thin spring in a mechanical watch movement that is connected to the balance wheel. The balance wheel oscillates back and forth at a consistent rate, and the hairspring helps regulate these oscillations. The hairspring works by applying a restoring force to the balance wheel, which helps to keep the balance wheel oscillating at a consistent rate. The hairspring is also known as a balance spring. [Learn More] enables reliably high rate precision – above or below the sea.

The essential water resistance of both models is enhanced by numerous details, such as the screw-down crownCrown The knob on the outside of the watch that you typically use to either wind the mainspring or set the time [Learn More], the base plate secured by a ring on the SeaQ model or the centrally screwed sapphire crystal case back on the SeaQ Panorama Date. In addition, the ceramic inlay makes the surface of the bezel exceptionally scratch-resistant

SeaQ 1969 Limited Edition (69 pieces)

The SeaQ 1969 is available in a limited edition of 69 pieces; the limited edition number can be found on the engraved base plate. The green hands and additional engravings set this one apart from the unlimited edition.

Same as the unlimited edition, the SeaQ 1969 is powered by the manufactory’s automatic movement Calibre 39-11 with heavy metal oscillating mass.


  1. At that price though, it is well in the Submariner territory, I wonder how difficult that price segment is.. Would be nice to see this in the metal and not the 3d Renders, quite curious in fact. The Limited edition, not so much based on the pics alone

    1. Thanks Brian! Agreed, tough price category for any diver to be in.

      As for the live pics, it might be a while until we get a hands-on for actual pictures..

  2. I didn’t find myself attracted to this last week when I first saw the releases. However, upon reading your post, the 42mm Sea Q has grown on me quite a bit, really cool to see that large date window!

    1. Date window is well executed, quite rare in the watch world 🙂 But, these are renders, I’m holding my excitement quite until I see this from closer

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