Shop News: Pending Orders Important Update

Hi all!

Just a brief but important update for anyone with a pending order as I personally want to make sure we reached out to everyone. If you are reading this and you have a pending order, please keep reading.

We’ve been reaching out individually to everyone concerned, however I noticed that we may have missed a few of you in that process. So here goes! Anyone with a pending order might have seen a delay in either delivery or response via email – please do not worry. Half of the team here had to do some unplanned travel, and this of course has a certain impact on our response & manufacturing time. We are fully aware of that and send our sincere apologies your way. We haven’t been able to give 100% of the service that people have come to expect from us.

Please note that your delivery will include an extra gesture from our side for the inconvenience caused. In addition, the pending orders for BUND straps have seen an additional delay due to a very late supply of that particular leather (we finally have it). Please note you will also receive a very nice gesture in return of your unbelievably kind patience and response.

Thanks a lot for everyone’s patience and understanding in what has been a rather hectic month. Can not thank you enough.

Kindest regards,

Jan & Co

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