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Breaking: Patek Philippe Company Up For Sale?

We don’t really do breaking news unless it’s potentially really ‘breaking’, and well, this is right in that territory.

This is potentially just a result of a few analysts overindulging at the lavish dinner parties at SIHH or just having said ‘yes’ one too many times at the free champagne being offered as if it were sparkling water: Bloomberg reports that Patek may be coming up or sale.

As stated in the linked article “A Patek spokeswoman declined to comment except to say deal speculation tends to occur during the annual watch fairs in Switzerland, including last week’s Geneva show.” I tend to agree with the spokeswoman here, as rumors seem to be one of the few constants at the watch fairs. That and free champagne.

Or perhaps its true. And why not. And just maybe, someone just decided not to want to wait 10+ years for their steel Patek and decided to put in a bid for the company instead, might actually be faster to get one that way.

Thanks to @WatchWalker for sending this through!

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  1. That would be interesting after a century of Stern ownership, but I’d also say rumor… Although, one should never rule out the possibility you suggested in your conclusion 😀

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