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Shop News: Handpainted Striped Straps


Anyone following us on Instagram will have figured this out by now, a word of mention that our striped Original straps are out of ‘beta’ and now readily available in the shop for ordering!

These bring something truly unique to the world of straps & watches. These straps are constructed like our Original series straps, from highest grade calfskin,  tanned in Italy and rigorously worked by us here in the shop. There’s a big twist of course: The central stripe which is painted on by hand. Each strap needs to be individually and carefully painted, any mistake will be obvious and we can start all over again. With such a visually interesting result, it’s worth the trouble.


The watch strap is an essential element of your watch and defines its personality, so we think it’s worth going the extra mile to craft something truly unique. These straps sure have personality. You can find them in the Original series and Artisan series in our shop.

Currently we have the GT strap which is inspired by the good old GT stripes on sports cars. And then of course the one that started it all, the Ultrastrap. This is intended specifically for, but of course not limited to, the Omega SpeedyTuesday Ultraman watch with its Orange accents:

Check them out in the shop here and here

Finally we also have the Gulf Strap, taking its inspiration from the Gulf Racing cars and stripes:

GulfStrapP.S.: Thank you to those who have helped us out in alpha & beta testing these straps! You know who you are, thank you very much!



  1. SWEET! Your straps evolve with every new order placed, but now they have moved into ART territory! So happy I found you! 😀

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