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Shop: Strap Suggestions For A Speedmaster

If one thing is for sure, I rarely – if ever – wear my Speedmaster on a bracelet. The Speedmaster just looks so much better on a strap if you ask me, and there’s so much choice out there, why stick to the metal bracelet..

Here are a few suggestions straight from our shop.

Original style straps:

The Original straps are the most vintage looking of them all, depending on the look you’re aiming for you can either go for the vintage stitching or for a more classic horizontal stitching. Horizontal stitching allows the base material to take center stage, as the stitching (from a distance) essentially fades away into the near invisible. The stitching color can be switched up of course, which also leads to a unique look. Tone on Tone stitching, is a nice way to change up your strap selection. It is a bit more subdued than the contrasting stitching:

If you want to take the vintage factor all the way up, then something like this may float your boat too. Note also the vanilla stitching. This is all kinds of good:

DE GRIFF ‘Stonewash Grey Suede’ Original Strap

Moving on, there’s that other style of strap which looks great on a Speedmaster…

Racing Straps

DE GRIFF ‘Brown’ Racing Strap

Racing straps are not for everyone, but they are for every Speedmaster. While I wouldn’t recommend this to be your one and only strap (who wants that anyway, one strap?), it is a perfect way to give a completely different feel to the watch. The Speedmaster being a chronographChronograph A chronograph complication is a feature in a watch that allows the wearer to measure elapsed time in addition to telling the time. It works by having a separate set of gears and levers, called the chronograph mechanism, which is activated by pressing a button or a pusher. The chronograph mechanism starts and stops the chronograph's second hand, which is usually located on the watch's dial, separate from the regular watch hands. The elapsed time is usually displayed on a sub-dial or a register on the watch's dial. [Learn More], it fits this style of straps perfectly.

Classic Straps

Now, if you are looking at a strap that does it all, my choice would be to pick a classic style strap. In fact, if you buy just one strap and rarely if ever switch up straps, I’d say this very next one is the one for you:

DE GRIFF ‘Honey Brown’ Classic Strap

This is a classic look and you can’t really go wrong with this one. Personally, I like my classic straps with a contrasting stitch as pictured, it’s just a striking visual effect and it also allows the lovely slanted hand-stitching to shine.

What else?

There’s more than this of course, as I’m sure you may have noticed. If you want something unique & extraordinary, head over to our Artisan strap collection. This is where we let our creativity loose and its always a pleasure to discuss your specific strap needs. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to be different:



Last but not least

Any strap collection needs a good amount of NATO straps. Be they leather, canvas, synthetic, just make sure you have more than a few. The Speedmaster especially looks good on leather NATO straps too:

For this and much more, please head over to our shop and feast your eyes on the many pictures & strap suggestions over there. You can find the shop easily by clicking below.



  1. Dude…Speedy is a strap monster, you can’t really mess it up with any strap combo, I mean you can, but you have to really try lol. Also, is that your wrist with the leather NATO wearing a glove?

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