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DE GRIFF Spring Bar Tool

Need a way to easily switch your straps at home or on the move? As of today, we’ve got you covered! We now have springbar tools in stock. These are ideal to switch out straps & bracelets. They come with a fork end and a pointy end. Best of all, the tool can be secured with two screw caps to make for a very convenient package to take along with you on your travels.


With the caps screwed down, there’s nothing to stab or tear your pocket or bag when carrying the tool:


The Fork tool is ideal to remove straps on most watches, and it will also work on most bracelets where a fork tool can be used. The Pointy end is your best companion for watches which have drilled lugs such as vintage Rolex watches and modern Seiko’s etc..

These are great to have around the house and excellent to take with you as you travel around. Make sure to add one of these on your order if you’re still looking for a handy tool to switch out watch straps. These tools are priced to GO as we want you to be able to change straps as often as possible 😉

Check em out in the shop here


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