Shop: NATO Strap Madness (new)

Much overdue, we’re happy to introduce new leather NATO (style) strap options. As our loyal readers will know, we’ve been sporting the Classic Single-pass straps for a long time. We’re now expanding on this base model and you now have three distinct styles:

  1. Classic Single-Pass Strap: Floating leather keeper, no metal parts. Thin & elegant yet highly functional and extremely easy to swap between straps & colors;
  2. Rugged Single-Pass Strap (new): One fixed metal keeper & one floating leather keeper. Thin, slightly more rugged in appearance & lovely patina from the go. Still the single-pass concept, so there’s no extra flap under the watch;
  3. Rugged Leather NATO strap (new): Full fledged leather NATO strap, for those days you just want to look cool without much effort. We’ve managed to keep the leather nice and thin & sturdy. In fact our leather NATO strap is thinner than many nylon NATO straps being released today, we’ve tested it.

Let’s have a closer look at the newly introduced Rugged Single-Pass strap and the Leather NATO strap, made form Italian leather and of course handcrafted by us right here on our bench.

Rugged Single-Pass Strap

Rugged Leather NATO strap

Feel free to check them out in our Shop. More colors will be added gradually over time.


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