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News: How Luxury Brands Are Increasingly Using AR to Personalize the Shopping Experience
Cartier and Tiffany Bring Virtual Try-Ons

The luxury industry is increasingly turning to augmented reality (AR) to reach more and specifically younger consumers. Cartier and Tiffany & Co. are the latest luxury brands that are creating AR experiences to engage and connect with this audience. AR technology allows brands to offer immersive experiences that blend the physical and digital worlds.

As per an article in Technology Review, these AR experiences are designed to appeal to Gen Z’s love of technology and desire for personalized experiences. By offering virtual try-ons and interactive experiences, luxury brands hope to build brand loyalty and attract younger customers. However, it seems there are challenges to implementing AR in the luxury industry. For example, high-end brands may be hesitant to embrace technology that could dilute the exclusivity of their products. Additionally, AR experiences may not appeal to all luxury consumers, particularly older ones.

Cartier & Tiffany are certainly not first-movers in this space. Other luxury watch brands have also started incorporating augmented reality (AR) technology in their marketing and sales efforts. For example, Swiss luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe launched an AR app in the past that allows customers to virtually try on watches and see how they would look on their wrist. The app also provides detailed information about the watches, such as their technical specifications and history.

Another example is Swiss watchmaker Hublot, which launched an AR-powered try-on tool on its website. Similarly, luxury watch brand Vacheron Constantin launched an AR-powered app that allows customers to explore its collection of watches in 3D, view their inner workings, and even customize certain elements of the watch, such as the strap and case material.

Overall, it seems that more luxury watch brands are beginning to embrace AR as a way to offer customers a unique and immersive shopping experience. By allowing customers to virtually try on watches and explore their features in detail, these brands are hoping to attract and engage customers in new ways.

For details on the latest Cartier & Tiffany move, check out MIT Technology Review

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