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SOLD OUT: Atelier DE GRIFF x NOMOS Glashütte Club 36 Limited Edition
Gone In 60 Seconds

To all of the people who took the jump and pressed that order button: Congratulations with your new Atelier DE GRIFF x NOMOS Glashütte Club 36 Limited Edition! It was our first ever limited edition, and the watches sold out in about 150 minutes. Simply incredible and completely unexpected.

Believe it or not, we started this project before the global pandemic struck. Little did we know… From start to finish, we dealt with all sorts of ‘fun’ triggered by the global pandemic such as the breaking down of supply chains and multiple lockdowns. Talk about ‘excellent’ timing for launching a project! Looking on the bright side, when we do another one of these projects, we can’t possibly time it worse than this one (I hope).

Sailing through a thunderstorm is never easy, however the fantastic people at NOMOS Glashütte were wonderful to work with. I can not stress this enough. While I was of course already a massive fan of the brand, my appreciation for NOMOS and what they are able to do as a manufacture has only grown as we progressed through this project. For a look behind the scenes, check out this manufacture visit video we published a while back.

I also wanted to take a moment to highlight some wonderful release articles which I read with much delight. Thank you to Fratello “The sweetly sized Club 36 goes to boot camp and comes out swinging”, Monochrome “A collaboration that serves up some technical surprises in a handsome edition of the NOMOS Club 36” and Worn & Wound “A Club 36 with daily wear in mind” for sharing your thoughts on this release. I must have read these articles about a hundred times each by now and they’re hanging on the walls in the Atelier by now as well.

Last but not least, massive thanks to all of you who have been kind enough to order a watch! Thank you for trusting us with your order and for supporting this adventure. It is highly appreciated and we will of course celebrate together with another event soon (most likely in spring, due to the current restrictions). In case you are on social media, make sure to tag us (atelierdegriff) and use #degriffxnomos so we can find your pictures.