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Confirmed: Tempus Arte Group Acquires STOWA
Jörg Schauer To Remain CEO For the Time Being

After a rumour filled weekend, it is indeed confirmed that STOWA has been acquired by the Tempus Arte Group. This has been confirmed by its very own CEO Jörg Schauer and also by a press release. The written statement leaves no doubt: “STOWA has been operating under the umbrella of Tempus Arte since July 1, 2021.”

“It was an important step to keep the huge success of STOWA. The Tempus Arte Group contains different Brands and together we can have a lot of synergies. I look forward for the future and we at STOWA also will give our support to the Group Members. Don´t worry, STOWA will keep its way. Additonal information: I will still be the CEO and try to keep the success :-)”

Jörg Schauer (CEO of STOWA Brand)

So there you have it, the brand is under new ownership, but for now at least still under the same familiar leadership. There is nothing unusual about trying to achieve synergies by joining larger groups within the watch industry. The community, myself included, tends to have a soft spot for independent brands that choose not to go this route. As a result, the rumours and worries ran amok this past weekend as a leak seemed to indicate that a beloved independent brand seemed to have chosen to join a group. The leaks and rumours that followed are what, I believe, triggered the above response from Mr Schauer.

The Tempus Arte Group is no stranger to take-overs. The Group already owns the brands Uhrmanufaktur Lang & Heyne Dresden, Uhren-Werke-Dresden (UWD), and Leinfelder Uhren München. On its latest acquisition the group highlights “the group of companies is now looking forward to the use of synergies in different areas with a now comprehensive range of watches in different segments of watchmaking”.


    1. Not just the watch I hope – that is your shot from a previous update 🙂 Thanks for the heads up this weekend concerning this news 👍

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