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Shop News: The Celt Strap Collection Expands
Twice The Fun!

The Celt Watch Strap collection is still a relatively new addition to the shop. Loved by many of you, we decided to further expand the collection. With this latest update to the collection, the Celt Strap is now available in several new colors. The naming of the collection after the Celts, refers to the region these straps originate from. Both from a materials point of view as from a manufacturing point of view, these straps are rooted in the old Celtic region. Like for all our leather straps, the Celt Straps are made in Belgium.

You can find the Celt Watch Strap collection within the Classic series in the shop. However, “classic” in this case simply means they feature a more elaborate stitch pattern for that classic look. Other than that, there is not much classic about these distressed suede straps. They do indeed stand in contrast to most other straps available in our Classic series.

The Denim version features the familiar rough suede texture that we find in our Celt Strap collection. The color pattern here is quite unique in the sense that we have a mixture of shades of grey, brown and blue. The resulting look is rather striking indeed, and reminds us of old denim. Do note of course that it is in fact leather and not denim. The leather is our trusted bark-tanned Italian calfskin.

Slightly more traditional then, a clean Navy is also added to the family. The strap has an overall uniform color and a rich blue tone overall. Edges are blued and burnished for good measure.

You will also notice a new shade of brown, which has an Oxblood undertone. Hard to capture in pictures, the Oxblood Celt Strap has a distinct oxblood (burgundy) undertone. It gives it a very distinct look, and is quite different from the Brown which was already available.

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