Shop News: Packaging Updated

The past year saw us navigate some of the roughest waters since the founding of DE GRIFF. A major challenge for us, and our suppliers, was making sure we kept the supply chain flowing nicely. That included making sure you received your packages on time and without disruption due to the global lockdown which caused massive disruptions at postal services around the globe.

We successfully managed this period by partnering with leading courier services in the different regions. We adopted new (dare I say – modern) shipping processes and also updated and improved the packaging at that time to meet the new requirements of some of the couriers. In practice this also meant that we upsized some of our packaging. After about one year into this, we can clearly see that the effort has paid off. Our average global delivery time (from shipping to delivery at your door) saw a reduction of an almost unbelievable 80%.

As some of you will have noticed, we also used this period to try and get our packaging as ‘green’ as possible. And as a result our packaging has since been updated to use materials that are recycled and/or recyclable to a maximum extent (with the odd exception of the stickers which we add as a gift in each package). Our ‘regular’ customers and friends were mostly happy with these changes. Some of our customers have shared feedback that packaging for single straps was perhaps a bit much. We took that feedback and can’t help but agree.

As a result, we will be updating the single strap packaging going forward. Instead of our boxes these will ship in smaller and flatter packaging using about a third of the materials needed per package.

Thank you for your continued support and helping us improve!

Kind regards,

Jan & Co

PS: See here how each order at our shop contributes to a better, cleaner, future.

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