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Shop News: The Celt Strap Collection
Rough And Tough

The Celt Watch Strap collection joins our ever expanding ‘Classic Series’ of watch straps. Classic in this case means they feature a more elaborate stitch pattern for that classic look. Other than that, there is not much classic about these distressed suede straps.

Our Celt strap collection stands for an excellent and long-lasting watch strap that looks rough and tough while being very comfortable on the wrist. These straps ooze character like few others out there. The leather used is bark tanned and has a rough suede texture. The raw material is calf leather which is sourced from one of Europe’s finest tanneries for this type of leather. All our Celt straps are hand distressed by us, using new leather. We do not use old leather to achieve the distressed look.

The leather is a warm and vintage looking suede. Edges are hand burnished and hand finished for that extra touch. Each strap comes with our de Griff brushed stainless steel buckle. Each Celt strap is unique, depending on how the leather reacts to our distressing it comes out in varied shades of the base color.

This is a classic strap so it implies a nice and full stitch around the border.

Currently available in Brown, Distressed Gray and Sky Blue. For more info, do not hesitate to visit our shop.

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