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News: Have An Apple Watch Series 6 With An Ill-Fitting Solo Band? The Fix Requires A Full Return Of The Watch
And you thought non-user replaceable batteries were bad?

With the latest Apple Watch Series 6 release, Apple also launched an ‘innovative new seamless band’ to strap on your apple watch. They call this band the solo band. It turns out however that ‘Innovative’ does not necessarily mean ‘good’. If the band doesn’t fit, you have to send in your entire watch back to Apple to get a band refitted. Innovation people, innovation.

It remains unclear how this fits within Apple’s aspirations of being seen as the greenest company the galaxy has ever seen. Surely an innovative press release shall be released shortly to clarify the situation. The lesson here is – if the pandemic lockdowns permit – it might be worth heading to an Apple store near you to do a fit test first before buying. That would hopefully cut down on innovative return shipments.

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