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Release: Timex Brings Back The Pac-Man T80
Limited No More

Do you remember the days when you used to do stuff just for fun? People would ask you “Hey, what are you doing?” And the answer would be something like: “Nothing, just having fun”. That answer would suffice, and yes I’m going to say it, those were the good old days. And in those days, I was probably spending my not so hard earned coins (thanks mom and dad) in the arcade on a game of Pac-Man. Many hours were spent in the arcades, that much is for sure.

Timex playing our emotions like a seasoned harpist has decided to launch a worldwide assault on us by re-releasing the Timex Pac-Man T80.

I had narrowly escaped getting played last year, as Timex had sent a limited number of these out in 2019. You may remember 2019 as the last year you were able to roam freely outside without fear of pandemics and such.

In 2020, a year where arcades are nearly extinct and roaming freely outside is nothing but a distant memory, a ray of digital sunlight shines upon us once more.

Timex is launching the T80 Pac-Man, available online, in a non limited edition this time – worldwide! US customers get early access with the rest of the world to follow shortly after this summer.

More info right here.

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