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Shop News: Expanding The Racing Series

The Racing series has been with us since the very inception of DE GRIFF. We have had these listed for as long as I can remember in Black, Brown and Tan. That is no longer true with the introduction of a new racing pattern and six new models.

A racing strap is a quintessential strap that fits a wide range of watches out there (tachymeterTachymeter A tachymeter is a feature found on some chronograph watches, it is a scale that is usually printed on the bezel, sometimes on the dial. It allows the wearer to measure the speed of an object over a known distance by timing the object's movement with the chronograph's second hand. The wearer can read the speed of the object on the tachymeter scale. [Learn More] not mandatory). Our older Racing trilogy has the slightly more aggressive and larger holes punched in the center column. These new Rally straps joining the family are slightly more casual and refined, and as a result a whole lot more versatile.

The Scuderia Red is perhaps the most full-blooded rally strap in the series. Unapologetically red, the color most of us associate with the quintessential sports car (you know who we’re talking about here).

For the more classic look, a mandatory Vintage Brown has joined the family as well and it is perhaps the most versatile Rally strap in the bunch.

Nearly as versatile as brown, the Alloy Gray. Looking for an alternative to a black strap? The Alloy Gray Rally strap is as good as it gets.

Looking to add a dash of sunshine to the wrist, look no further and just add that Sky Blue Rally strap to your basket. If participating in any summer Rally, this is mandatory wrist-wear (or at least it should be).

Finally, if you happen to be one of the lucky few with a vintage watch with true patina, then add the Mostarda Rally Strap to match. The tone matches very nicely with the patina found on vintage watch dials.

For a perfect lighter shade that oozes vintage character, the Cappuccino Rally strap would be a great option. This leather will darken and develop a patina unlike any leather out there.

For more information, do not hesitate to reach out or visit the shop!

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  1. These are all fantastic but the red one is just stunning!! Fantastic work!! 🔥 Order incoming ❤️

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