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News: Gucci Confirms Leaving Baselworld 2020

Joining the ex-Baselworld Member Club, Gucci has now confirmed they will NOT be attending Baselworld 2020. Gucci is thus joining an ever growing group of brands that have decided no longer to attend the fair.

Gucci has had one of the most colorful booths at the fair, nicely located in Hall 1. They covered both their watches and jewelry at the fair. In a way, they were an ideal participant at the fair which is indeed about more than just watches, lest we forget.

However, Gucci has left the building. In case of any doubt, it suffices to simply browse to the official website, where the brand has since been pulled as well (see here).

On the other end, Baselworld has stated they registered a +50% increase in exhibitors in the “Gems & Pearls” sector for the upcoming 2020 edition.

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