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Shop News: Adding A Touch Of Madness To The Artisan Series

We’re happy to introduce two new additions to the Artisan series in our shop! As anyone familiar with this series will know, this is where we tend to go a little bit wild and where creativity reigns.  Not in the least when talking about the materials and finishes used. With that in mind, we’re now adding the Asphalt Black and Faded Ocean Grey to the series.

What sets our straps, aged and new, apart from most on the interwebs, is that we never – ever – use old leather or scrap leather from times gone by. We only use the absolute finest new leathers we can get our hands on, no exception, ever. With old leather, there is just no way of identifying what ever happened to that leather or what chemicals got absorbed into the leather and therefore I would not want it on anyone’s wrist either. 

In order to achieve the quite distinctive look of both new family members we work with brand new Italian bark tanned calfskin. The leather has a distinctive texture to it and a honey brown-like tint. 

To spice up this base layer we apply a coating in a deep black for the Ashpalt Black (pictured above), in a non uniform manner. For the Ocean Faded Grey (pictured below), a lighter grey is applied. Each strap will truly be unique. 

The Faded Ocean Grey, perhaps the most fantastic of both, is not exactly grey, and not exactly blue, hence the naming convention for this color. Depending on the light it goes from grey to almost blue, the base layer is however a resolute grey. For some reason, it has a touch of blue in there which comes alive on the wrist. We absolutely dig it. 

It’s better to be wild than boring. Find out more in our shop.


  1. Mama mia, you guys are unstoppable 💪 Ordered the black – might add the grey before close today 😅

  2. Take. My. Money. I really enjoy the wild (pun intended) work under the Artisan series. Still rocking the Mad Green NATO 🙂

    1. Jean-Francois, anyone with a MAD green is AAA-rated in my book 🙂
      You have a few watches that will go nicely with both of these (just fyi)

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