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Release: Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 in Stainless Steel

On what is to be the first Tuesday of the year 2020, Omega made it a memorable Tuesday, as is popular with the internet jargon, #SpeedyTuesday. Omega released a new Speedmaster with the famous 321 movement running inside.

Once upon a time, worn by the astronaut Ed White during Gemini IV mission in 1965. This re-edition stays true to the original with the straight lugs, previously seen in the CKS2998 (PulsometerPulsometer A pulsometer is a complication on a watch that allows the user to measure a person's pulse rate by timing the beats on a scale marked on the watch's dial or bezel. The user times the pulse for a full minute and then reads the number of beats on the scale. [Learn More]) and the Speedmaster “FOIS” First Omega In Space edition.   Compared with the standard production Speedmaster, the case is a tad bit smaller at 39.7mm and thinner at about 14mm.

In addition, the dial is different with a circular stepped dial.  Omega also updated the bezel to a ceramic insert for this edition, while removing the crownCrown The knob on the outside of the watch that you typically use to either wind the mainspring or set the time [Learn More] guard that is seen in the Speedmaster line up.  The Omega logo on the dial is applied and the Speedmaster name is printed with the vintage font.  

Running inside is the famous 321 movement.  When Omega announced in 2019 they are to bring back this movement, many has been wondering how they would approach this.  In the case of this Speedmaster it is to be assembled in a new special department in Omega’s facility with one watchmaker responsible for the watch only, so expect the production to be low volume. 

Omega did make some changes to the movement with the increase power reserveRéserve de marche Also known as Power Reserve. A watch's power reserve refers to the amount of time a mechanical watch can run without being wound. The power reserve of a mechanical watch can vary depending on the size of the mainspring, the efficiency of the gear train, and the rate at which the mainspring releases energy. If a watch has a Power Reserve 'complication' it simply means that the status of the power reserve can be seen on the watch itself (either on the dial or movement side of the watch). [Learn More] from 44 to 55 hours and the movement is plated in sedna gold.  It will be displayed on the caseback with a sapphire crystal.  

This is a very beautiful watch, as can be seen from the press photos, the dial is very well done, with more refinement and the ceramic bezel is a great update.  The beautiful 321 movement is a great touch as well and definitely deserves to be shown in the sapphire caseback with all the decorations. 

However, all of these updates bump this watch to a retail price of 13,000 Euros compared to the standard edition Speedmaster of around the sub 5K Euro range.  This puts the watch in a price category comparable to the Rolex Daytona and with a few thousand more, Audemar Piguet Royal Oak.  Thus, while I do appreciate the additional updates and 321 movement, I would probably have to pass based on the pricing.  

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