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Shop News: No Waiting List, Camouflage Suede Re-Edition!

We recently went through our old catalogue, and fell in love with the camouflage suede from two years ago. We went digging through the stock and yes indeed – we found the last bit of that lovely suede leather.

The result? We have added the straps back in the store, except we have MADE them already. Yes, this implies when you order, there is no lead time for your strap to be manufactured by us anymore. Why did we do this? Well, we realise it’s the holidays soon and we want to make sure we can ship these out asap.

Please know, this is not some nauseating attempt at fake scarcity marketing which is flooding our industry. No, these are limited simply as we will no longer be making that particular finished leather. Once they are gone, they really are gone. We have cut these to fit most wrists gravitating around the medium sizing. Measurements are also indicated in the shop.

If you like em, grab em while they last.

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