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News: Rappers Drop Rolex In Favor Of Patek Philippe

Name-dropping. A sin by any other name… Name-dropping can be defined as the practice of casually mentioning the names of famous people one knows or claims to know in order to impress others.

In certain musical genres, it is however the practice of not so casually mentioning names of expensive brands, in order to appear… equally expensive. Brands for the most part do not ‘choose’ to be mentioned in songs with content that risks not exactly being in line with the image said brand would like to exude. Let’s take for example Wiz Khalifa’s Celebrate lyrics:

Celebrate ballin'
Back then I had no phone
Now all these bitches callin'
Smoke, drink, blow checks
Rolex, more sex
'Cause I can afford it

That’s, not exactly what the Wilsdorf clan had in mind when setting out their marketing campaign I’m sure. For the longest time now, Rolex has been the essential name to drop in one’s lyrics were one to aim for a career in Rap.

As of recently however, the musical minds over at pitchfork.com have calculated that in fact, the new king in town is none other than… Patek Philippe. A quick fact check via lyrics.com certainly seems to confirm their findings.

Some of the questionable lyrical rhymes that this new status for Patek Philippe has brought us are found in for example Lil Pump’s Esskeetit:

“Look at my two-tone Patek, I smash a ho then forget. I got a fridge on my neck (yeah), I’m smokin’ gas on a jet (uh). Ouu, I just love to flex (yeah)”

Question remains whether Thierry Stern is celebrating this news by poppin’ bottles of Dom and upgrading his look with iced out Grillz like it’s two thousand thirteen.

The king is dead, long live the king…


  1. I still recall this old song from Jay Z “XXXXX in Paris” where they mentioned “I got a broken clock, Rollies don’t tick tock, Audemars that’s losing time, hidden behind these big rocks” I guess when you are Jay Z level, Rolex is the beater and the APs, PPs are more higher end to them? I wonder if this will make Rolex stainless steel model supply issue go away?

  2. Words I was not expecting to read on DE GRIFF: ““Look at my two-tone Patek, I smash a ho then forget.” If I could like this article a million times, know that I would haha

  3. refreshing a statement ‘no login required’ thank you. Yes it is interesting ( hold a thought.. is it PP or PK for Pateks? ) the AP’s and Pateks are moving up in the iconic and being known of, purchased by the more widely general public out there so it stands to reason it is coming out in these style or genre of songs. I mean truthfully majority of the genre in question are NOT ivy league grads now, however Their chillen may be, as for instance Jay Z and Beyonce have more money than God, stands to reason Blue ivy would, could or should have this style of formal education. Each generation wants better for their offspring. Blue ivy has just launched her own song! creds on the cover go to parents collab works. hilarious. Point: Rolex a charity trust, Rolex a name with no meaning originally picked from a hundred others, Rolex synonymous now and well beyond the Pateks and APs I bet you

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