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Shop News: Kudu Moonrock Blue Straps

Kudu in its full glory, now available in Moonrock Blue.

Found roaming the Steppes and no strangers to thorny bushes, their hides are never pristine, they have a wide range of marks and scars. This gives each cut a particular and unique character. To let the natural material take center stage, the Kudu range is offered seamless, without any stitching to distract. The lining of the strap is our familiar and super soft calfskin.

The texture of the straps is unique compared to anything else we have in the shop, it is extremely soft to the touch, almost velvet like with a hint of nubuck to it. The strap has a deep blue color.

Depending on how the light hits the material it turns almost grey as can be seen in the pictures. It is however a blue color at the base, not a grey.

The natural markings and scars are unique across the leather, as a result each and every single strap will have a distinct and unique look.

For more info, have a look at our shop under the Artisan collection. You will also find the previously released Steppe Brown Kudu straps in that collection.

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