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Release: Glashutte Original 70s Chronograph Panorama Date Limited Editions

Glashutte Original has always fascinated me with their attention to detail in their dials and movement decorations.  They also have an excellent line up of watches that interests me, such as their Seventies chronographChronograph A chronograph complication is a feature in a watch that allows the wearer to measure elapsed time in addition to telling the time. It works by having a separate set of gears and levers, called the chronograph mechanism, which is activated by pressing a button or a pusher. The chronograph mechanism starts and stops the chronograph's second hand, which is usually located on the watch's dial, separate from the regular watch hands. The elapsed time is usually displayed on a sub-dial or a register on the watch's dial. [Learn More] with a TV dial that stood out in the square case and in house column wheel chronograph movement.  Now, they have released two beautiful limited editions in unique gradient green and grey dials.

As previously mentioned in another article, Glashutte Original has their own dial manufacturer in Pforzheim that creates the dial from start to finish.  As you recall from the previous article, the dial is finished in a similar fashion like the Senator Sixties watch with where the center has a lighter hue while the edges of the dial have a darker shade. 

This is accomplished by first using a brass brushes to create a sunburst effect.  After the galvanizing, either green or grey lacquer is applied in multiple phases.  Finally, black lacquer is applied by hand on the edges in various angles, so each dial is different with the way the dial fades.  The dials are then fired in a kiln to burn in the color.

Similar to the current Seventies Chronograph line up, the watches are cased in a 40×40 stainless steel case that is polished through out.  Being an automatic movement with a big date display, the watch stands at a reasonable 14.10mm tall with a sapphire case back to display the nicely finished caliberCaliber The caliber ('movement') is the heart and engine of a watch. It consists of a number of interconnected components that work together. Energy is transmitted through the gear train, to the escapement mechanism. The escapement mechanism releases this energy in a controlled manner. This drives the gear train, which ultimately rotates the hands of the watch and keeps time. [More Info] 37-02.  Being marketed as a sports chronograph, the watch is rated with 100 meters of water resistance as well with a screw in crownCrown The knob on the outside of the watch that you typically use to either wind the mainspring or set the time [Learn More] and crown guards.

Besides the beautifully executed dial, what originally drew my attention to the watch was the layout of the dial.  Unlike most chronographs that can measure minutes and hours, based on the 7750, this watch instead shows a bi-compaxBi-Compax A bi-compax watch is a type of chronograph watch that has two sub-dials ('twin register') [Learn More] layout with sub seconds subdial on the left and minute counter on the right and the hour display at 12 o’clock position below the Glashutte logo.  Last but not least, the big date above 6 o’clock is very well executed to bring excellent symmetry to the dial.  

Beating inside the watch is the well decorated in-house caliber 37-02 chronograph with column wheel.  The skeletonizedSkeletonizing A decorative technique that involves removing some of the material from the movement parts to create a see-through effect, often used on the plates and bridges. [Learn More] rotor is made with a 21 carat gold and there is no shortage of perlagePerlage Perlage is a decorative technique used in the finishing of mechanical watch movements. It is a type of circular graining that involves making small, circular marks on the surface of various movement components, such as the main plate, bridges, and gears, using a specialized tool. The marks are arranged in a uniform pattern and are typically very small and closely spaced. This technique is used to enhance the aesthetic of the movement and it also helps to protect the movement from dust, dirt, and other debris. [Learn More] and bevellingAnglage Anglage is a decorative technique used in the finishing of mechanical watch movements. It involves beveling, polishing, and chamfering the edges of various movement components, such as the main plate, bridges, and gears, to create a smooth and polished look [Learn More] to feast on and a nicely engraved balance cockBalance Cock The balance cock holds the balance spring (or hairspring) in place and allows it to be adjusted. The balance cock is attached to the main plate of the movement and sits above the balance wheel. It serves as the base for the hairspring and the mechanism that allows regulating the timekeeping of the watch. [Learn More].  

The watch can be purchased with a leather strap for 12,500 Euros or 13,700 Euros on a stainless steel bracelet.  Given its unique dial finish and layout along with the well decorated movement.  This is a very competitively priced limited edition in my opinion, but you must hurry up as there are only 100 pieces available for each color!

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