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News: Stolen Richard Mille Turns Out To be A Fake…

A few days ago a police report made world headlines, and also passed the revue here on our website. In an unexpected plot twist however, it seems that while the theft was no fake news ,the Richard Mille however, was a fake watch!

This twist ending was pointed out to us by SedLexDuRolex, who highlighted the latest findings covering this case. Since we have initially also reported the theft, it felt right to update you here as well.

The update was first reported by France’s Le Point, and it indicates that watch theft is indeed an issue in Paris: 80+ robberies specifically aimed at grabbing luxury watches of people’s wrists since january. However, the latest reported Richard Mille robbery turned out to be a real robbery of a really fake Richard Mille. Plot twist!

It seems that the robber also dropped his mobile phone as he made a run for it, so this is perhaps not the latest chapter to this story…

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