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News: Luxury Watch Theft On The Rise In Paris. Latest Robbers Snatch $850,000 Richard Mille From Man’s Wrist.

While this topic is absolutely not limited to Paris and indeed watch theft is on the rise in most major cities across the globe, the latest report from Paris is quite spectacular. As a result Paris officials have now officially released a Warning to visitors to be cautious and take care when wearing expensive watches.

Near the famous Arc de Triomphe (not a bad area by any stretch) an unsuspecting Japanese man was taking a smoke break outside the magnificent Napoleon Hotel. A passer by asked the gentleman for a light, we can safely assume this was a ruse to be able to check his watch up close, at which point he then ripped the watch from the mans wrist and made a run for it.

The watch happened to be the glorious Richard Mille “TourbillonTourbillon A tourbillon is a complication in a mechanical watch that is designed to improve the accuracy of the watch by compensating for the effects of gravity on the balance wheel and escapement. It consists of a rotating cage that holds the balance wheel and escapement, which rotates on its own axis once per minute. This rotation helps to average out the positional errors caused by gravity, making the watch more accurate [Learn More] diamond twister”, RM 51-02, valued at about €800,000.

While an overnight stay in Paris is never cheap, this certainly takes the cake.


    1. 😂 We were there by the way when in Paris. That’s near your wristshot location at the Arc 🙂

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