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Release: RJ ARRAW – There’s A New Joker In Town!

Until recently, when someone mentioned “The Joker” watch, the only thing to do was smile at the thought of that magnificent creation by Konstantin Chaykin (check those details, right here). However, Joker is of course not limited to Mr Chaykin only, and so Romain Jerome (nowadays ‘RJ’) has released a duo of watches under the theme of Batman villains. The Joker and Two-Face.

As the name suggests, these watches feature RJ’s ARRAW case design and have been created in collaboration with Warner Brothers. These are limited releases. As for the Joker specifically, each watch will be slightly different and is therefore unique. This is essentially due to the dials being hand-painted leading to slight variations between every and each single dial.

The Joker chronograph features a satin-brushed 45mm titanium version of RJ’s ARRAW case. In theme of course, “the ARRAW watch case is crowned by a titanium bezel that is laser engraved with an intentionally chaotic Joker motif”. Look closely at that dial, and you will notice RJ has intentionally mimicked that pressed ‘plaster’-finish to link back to the make-up of your favourite Batman villain. The hands further provide subtle winks. the Joker theme with the playing card references and the J-shaped counterweight on the seconds hand.

The Two-Face watch offers a unique take on the villain, I’m not sure if this has ever been done before in fact (do let me know if someone else has come up with this idea before). They have essentially two-face the entire watch, down to the very strap. The left-hand side of the watch is ‘normal’, while on the right side, you will see the exposed skeleton movement, “as if acid itself had burnt away the outer casing and dial”.

Both watches also feature a distinct case-back with the Two-Face having a see-through back and the Joker an engraved steel back.

More info right here at RJ watches

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