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Watch Affairs With Jean-Claude Biver (Episode 1): Talking Rolex, Apple, Karl Lagerfeld And More (Part 2/2)
Video Interview

Without further delay, we are happy to present the second and final part of our Unscripted Interview with Mr Jean-Claude Biver. Mr Biver is one of just a few individuals to have dramatically impacted the Swiss Watch Industry and saved it during the quartz crisis. He resurrected Blancpain, turned Omega around, was largely responsible for the incredible rise of Hublot, and headed the LVMH Watch Division. Also, on weekends he goes cycling with Eddy Merckx, but that is another story. If you like watches, please consider this video interview mandatory viewing.

In this video interview we talk how he would lead a brand like Rolex, about his mentor Karl Lagerfeld, the Swiss Watch Industry, the Apple Watch, Baselworld and so much more. In typical fashion, Mr Biver answers immediately and directly, offering a candid look into the mind of a giant of the watch industry.

Sincere thanks to Mr Biver and his team for making this interview a reality!


  1. Fantastic work, and what a leading question. Thank you guys so much for putting in all the effort in getting this out for the rest of us!

  2. Took me about 20 tries to finish watching the second part (thanks kids!) – worth the effort! Thank you very much to evryone involved for making this happen. I love how cool he stayed about the ROLEX question ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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