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Shop News: Flexible NATO straps

Wishing to spare your fantastic leather DE GRIFF straps during a rough outing or during the summer months? Fear not of course, as we stock plenty of alternatives, such as our glorious HD NATO straps.

However, the family just got slightly larger here as we’re happy to introduce a fun little strap range – the Flexible NATO straps.  These are beater straps that happen to look and wear very nicely. They are worn like traditional NATO straps, with the added benefit that they provide a little bit of stretch and flex. This is great for those of us whose wrists tend to swell a little as the day progresses.

First up, we are currently shipping these in DUO sets only. You can pick a 20mm DUO set and also a 22mm DUO set for now.

The 20mm DUO set comes with a tan strap, with a central red stripe and a green strap with a central white stripe. Uber versatile. They look fantastic on pretty much any watch we’ve tried these on so far. Great alternative for the bracelet on modern Rolex watches, very fun look on any flieger style watch and of course right at home on the Speedmaster. It’ll be difficult to mismatch the set.

The 22mm DUO set comes with a deep green and a deep black strap, both featuring the central red line. They look right at home on the Tudor Black Bay and Pelagos, I agree, but they will fit any watch with 22mm lugs of course 🙂

These sets are a great and inexpensive addition to your strap collection providing an alternative to the standard NATO straps. Excellent choice to dress down your watch or those times you just want to spare your leather straps. 

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