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Release: Steel Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

Highly anticipated, Omega today released the new Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary and true to form it is a limited edition. Powered by the new Calibre 3861 and more surprisingly – in a two tone configuration. The recently introduced ‘Moonshine’ gold provides accents on the stepped dial and ceramic bezel.

While I haven’t had the opportunity to go hands-on with this particular piece, I’ll be the first to admit the visuals of the watch gave me some pauze. I’m generally not a big fan of two tone watches, and much is just as true visually speaking for this one. I think this is one of those watches I have to check out in real life before I make any judgement. I will say that it isn’t love at first sight, a bit underwhelming even, perhaps due to my unrealistically high expectations for this release. Ignoring the two tone though (which is asking for a lot I know), there is more to talk about.

Firstly, it features the recently introduced Calibre 3861, which is a big reason why I was looking forward to this release. However, here you will not be able to take a peek at the movement since the watch doesn’t feature a display caseback (which you do have on the recent gold speedy release).

No display caseback indeed, but the caseback is however – so tasty. It is also befitting this anniversary edition – celebrating the moonlanding and not the relatively new calibre – so it is absolutely on topic as well.

The bracelet loses the modern mini links and looks much more in line with the older bracelets. If they were to extend this design to the standard Moonwatch Professional that would great.

The watch comes in a good-looking presentation box and includes a nice distressed strap, mission patches and a springbar tool. Very much in line with past releases. The little ‘pillow’ on which the watch sits is in fact a mini moonlander if you watch closely.

Another thing I very much appreciate is the pricing – CHF 8900. I was fully expecting Omega to move into the 5-digit pricepoint with this release due to the calibre and fortunately this is not the case.

As is true for most speedmaster releases the last couple of years, this too is a limited edition, and it is limited to a comfortable 6969 pieces.


  1. New movement, fine. Bracelet, great. Leather strap with cork finish, interesting. Case back, very nice. Box, who cares? Two tone, no thank you. 6969 pieces will sell but probably none destined to me. All this under reservation of not having seen the watch in real life.

  2. yaaawnnn… This again? Agreeing with WW above me as well, in addition… Very similar to the many other releases: Take Speedmaster, make limited, add icon to a subdial, add inscription to caseback – make money!

    Also I hope this two tone trend very quickly stops because it wasn’t good in the eighties and it sure aint any better today…

  3. Is this called the ‘Moonwatch’ because that is the astronaut is ‘mooning’ us on the subdial?

    Omega, limited edition, speedmaster, repeat ad nauseam…

  4. I wonder if they did the mooning pose intentionally, and that’s about the only thing that interests me about this release.

    The unlimited release schedule of limited edition speedsters is killing my appetite of ever owning a speedmaster limited or unlimited, that’s a fact.

  5. The bracelet is a big “Yes” – really wish they’d use it on the original moonwatch.

  6. Imho the entire ‘Time to Move’ event was a bit lacklustre from the entire Swatch Group.. This certainly included. That bracelet though!

    1. The bracelet is looking great. Would be good to see this replace the current professional bracelet 🔥

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