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Hands-On: Hublot Big Bang Rainbow

Hublot presented us with a small new universe of Hublot releases for Baselworld. Some a little bit wilder or daring than the other, all of them overindulging on the theme they were representing. So to pick one of their watches to start with for our hands-on review, was a bit of a challenge. 

But really, if I’m honest, it wasn’t. There was one particular Hublot which left me a bit speechless. It is the one that I’ll never be able to rock, except if I turn pro boxing or perhaps fulfil my youth dream of becoming a rock star after all these years. I’m talking about this sparkling full rainbow Big Bang.

Now, I know I know, Hublot isn’t for everyone. And that’s just fine. These watches are not your standard timepieces, neither are they investment pieces (which, let’s be honest, very few watches really are), these are instead celebration pieces. Did you just become the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the world? Or did you perhaps get voted the NBA’s most valuable player? You say your album sold tripple platinum? Well then, have a look right here. 

Despite all that’s going on here, you can actually read the time on this one. Not that this watch is even remotely made for such a plebeian function of  ‘telling time’. This is a 45mm piece of jewellery which happens to also tell time should your entourage not be able to remind you what time it is exactly. 

The smaller version of the same family

Now that said, I have to tell you, the setting of the stones and the overall craftsmanship on display is absolutely top notch. The man or woman getting one of these, gets craftsmanship in return, just not necessarily the kind a watch enthusiast obsesses over. And I’m fully confident that Hublot is absolutely fine with that. 

Yes it is a bit out there, but we can’t all be liking Salmon dials on the same old watches now can we? 


  1. It feels wrong to admit, but that looks way cool 😀 Sure, not for everyone, not for me either, but there is a market for this no doubt

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