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SIHH 2019: Top 3 Show Stealers

It’s that week of the year again. The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) has kicked off in Geneva. Today’s the official start of a seemingly never-ending flood of watch releases let loose on the general public. Yet the past weekend saw quite a bit of pre-SIHH news & leaks pop up on the news feeds.

For anyone having actually enjoyed their weekend, not sitting behind the newsfeed, below are the top 3 noisemakers from the past weekend. The top three watchmakers that have managed to get everyone’s attention (good and bad) at this year’s SIHH.

Audemars Piguet Code 11.59

Let’s start with the biggest one first, shall we? AP’s been called a one-trick pony (RO) by some in the past, and they are determined to prove that this is certainly not the case. They released a slew of new watches, case designs, funky double curving crystals and calibres which clearly must have taken a big investment. The reception so far hasn’t been exactly stellar with a particular model taking the most heat at the moment.

Find out all about the latest collection here

Jaeger Le Coultre Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpétuel

JLC is often called the watchmaker’s watchmaker and it seems they wanted to just remind us all why that is just the case by dropping this drop-dead gorgeous and epically glorious timepiece. Despite the near-insane level of complications including the multi-axis gyrotourbillon, this beauty measures a mere 43mm x 14.08mm. The watchcommunity certainly took notice. Bravo!

Check it out in full detail here

H. Moser & Cie Nature watch

Industry provocateur H. Moser & Cie decided to yet again, not go unnoticed at SIHH. They certainly managed that and they did it by releasing… wait for it: The company’s environmental commitments for 2019.

Most companies publish their Environmental Responsibility commitments. They’re usually found somewhere at the back of their financial reports or corporate websites. Only H. Moser & Cie however managed to grab the entire industry’s attention by linking it up to a concept watch to make a striking point. The Nature Watch is a statement piece, not intended to actually adorn anyone’s wrist (although, I’m sure someone could actually buy this pièce ‘truly’ unique if they really wanted to).

Read more about their commitments here


  1. That JLC is out of this world! I actually like the AP new line case designs & calibres, except for the dials.. not ok. Perhaps better in the flesh?

    1. The AP line-up is supposed to represent their future, I’m sure they were hoping for a better reaction that the **** storm that occured over the weekend.. Case design and calibres look great, dials -not for me. But yes, have to see in the flesh

  2. I know you’re forever the gentleman, but I’m not… That AP defies my ugliest nightmares for such a reputable brand.. Dial needs rescuing ASAP, case & movements are fine. Who on earth OK’ed that dial.. It frankly reminds me of all those kickstarter watches you see popping up every day!

    1. I occasionally attempt to act like one, but I rarely succeed to be one. I very graciously accept the compliment however 🙂

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