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Welcome: Chart Wizard & Contributor Jeff L

With 2019 coming at us in full force, the schedule at DE GRIFF is already packed and we’re just a few days into the new year. As such, it is with great pleasure that I am able to introduce you to the newest contributor here. Please join me in welcoming none other than fellow watch enthusiast and man of the world: Jeff L.

Jeff is known to be roaming the United States of America and beyond on his never-ending quest for ‘one last’ wristwatch. He’s a bonafide watch enthusiast, a collector of fine watches and a genuinely great guy. He’s also the type of guy who forgets to bring a watch to a watch get-together… but that’s another story…

He spends his professional days in the world of high flying finance, with his head buried deep into charts, financial statements & the bloomberg terminal. Needless to say, his chart skills and analytical insights are as fine-tuned as can be. That also means he’s able to take a bunch of incomprehensible information and present it in a down to earth and easy to grasp fashion.

Thank you Jeff for finding some time in your schedule to share your insights and ‘wis’dom with the rest of us!

Welcome Jeff!


  1. This is great news! And anyone with an OG Snowflake MUST have great taste in watches. Welcome Jeff! Any chance of a Snowflake Hands-On report coming to the site as well then?

    1. Haha, the man just arrived and … yes you are right… now is the time to ask: Snowflake hands-on sir? 🙂

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